Hi my name is Romeo. For those who know me, I enjoy trying new places to eat, so I thought I would share them on a blog(like we need another one). Besides going out to eat I also enjoy cooking when I have the time. Time and time again I will add some recipes  to help those who would like to try and cook.  Send any recommendations you may have come across and I can put them on my list. Don’t forget to click the email list to keep updated. In my learning process changes will happen often till I learn this whole page setup thing. Thanks for coming by and enjoy….

Big surprise another Blog. I guess I’m throwing my hat in the ring. I’ll be writing about one of my favorites…..FOOD! I hope my critiques aren’t pretentious like comparing something to the “Sunrise of a Tropical Island”, or stuff like that. I just want to keep it simple and hopefully informative. Remember these are just my views on what I like, and don’t like.

I want to cover all facets of food. There could be posts from a great steak joint, something you might get from the market, maybe a recipe I have, or the latest from some fast food place. Food is food no matter where it comes from for all us to share.

I’m not a trained chef, food critic, and have never even worked in the food industry. I just like trying new places I that hear about from friends and word of mouth. Feel free to send me any places you like and let’s have some fun and enjoy what’s out there.


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